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Details of recently finished piece. Each detail is around 4”x4”.


From Edward Topsell’s The History of Four Footed Beasts and Serpents, published in 1658.  Topsell refers to the world of insects as the Theater of Insects, perhaps this little guy is leaving to take in a show!


Flippity Flappity Floop!


so this morning i was playing with the slow-mo mode on my phone, hoping to get a majestic vid of a bumblebee taking off

but instead i found this dumbfuck


Heads up folks, it looks like even Google’s photo-snapping robots are taking selfies.

Spanish artist Mario Martínez Santamaría has been documenting instances where the Google Art Project’s photo-bot accidentally snaps photos of itself while on the job.

Google Art Project’s Photo-Bot Takes Accidental Selfies

via PSFK


George Oberteuffer (1878-1940), Houses at Boothbay Harbor